Successful business owners have unique psychological strengths that enable them to build their business. Unfortunately, those psychological strengths can become weaknesses that result in stress, apathy, resistance and significant blind spots when they enter the advisor’s world. Our validated tools give you the insights, common language, and shared understanding needed to overcome these hurdles and be heard and trusted in new ways.

A Clearer Way to Guide Owners

Part diagnostic, part roadmap - CWI assessment tools help advisors assess the unique psychology of their clients on multiple levels. Get actionable insight into an owner’s unique psychology and associated business impacts so you can provide confident counsel through every stage of the relationship or business transition.


    A scientifically-validated assessment for evaluating the link between an owner’s role and identity, their approach to decision-making, and their communication style.LEARN MORE

  • M3 Assessment
    Coming in 2023

    An all-in-one roadmap of 22 transition variables in 3 domains (business, money, and self) – including the owner’s personal transition profile. We’re taking the guesswork out of the process.

How Assessments Work

Our assessments are intended to be administered by an advisor and include the required training to ensure responsible interpretation and application of results.

What Advisors Can Expect

When you first gain access to an assessment, you will be required to complete a short, 90-minute training. From there you can administer the assessment, receive, and interpret client results.

What Owners Can Expect

Our assessments are designed with owners in mind, taking no longer than 15 minutes to complete. Owners use an advisor-provided link, answer the multiple-choice questions, and get their own summary report.

Research & experience

Our owner assessment tools and training give you the insights and common language needed to help lead your clients to better outcomes.Start with a Free Trial