When business transitions stall or fail the cause is likely related to the psychology of the owner(s) rather than the business itself. The Owner Transition Profile™ provides insights about the owner’s inner world to help advisors avoid inadvertently triggering resistance, apathy, and unnecessary stress during a transition. These insights allow you to form an action plan that works with the owner’s psychology rather than fighting against it.


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Discover how the Owner Transition Profile™ can make you more effective when helping clients transition their businesses. Fill out the form and gain access to the free trial which includes…

  • One use of the Owner Transition Profile™, regularly priced at $290 per single owner report
  • An OTP debrief with one of our team members
  • Consultative support on how to best use the OTP in your business

What does the Owner Transition Profile cost?

After the free trial, the Owner Transition Profile costs $290 per single owner report.

How do I gain access to administer the Owner Transition Profile?

When you access the OTP for the first time via the free trial, you will receive an invite to speak with one of our team who will set you up with a free assessment, advise you on how to communicate to your owner, provide you a subsequent de-brief with the owner report, and consult with you on how best to use the OTP in your business process.

I am a business owner. Can I try the Owner Transition Profile?

Yes. While the OTP is designed for advisors to administer and interpret the results, we will provide the assessment to business owners along with a complementary de-brief with one of our trained staff. To get that started please reach out to us using our contact form.

I’m an existing user. Can I buy more licenses?

Absolutely. Log in to your advisor portal to purchase additional Owner Transition Profile licenses. If you have any issues, feel free to contact our team. 

Discover the Psychology Behind Transition

Identity is a powerful driver of human behavior. The Owner Transition Profile™ assessment is designed to create clarity about the owner’s identity and related psychological attributes that will impact their capacity for transitioning their business. Gain objective insights about the relationship between an owner’s role and identity, their natural decision-making style, and how they approach change. Get to the heart of how to serve clients with greater efficacy, faster results, and less stress for everyone.

What OTP Measures

The Owner Transition Profile™ assessment evaluates three internal psychological constructs - Role-Identity Fusion, Approach to Problem Solving, and Communication Style. Anyone of these dimensions provides valuable transition insights, together they provide the clarity advisors need to work more effectively with owners as they navigate the transition journey.

  • Role Identity Fusion

    The self-identity and an owner’s role identity can become inseparable. Discover what ‘letting go’ of their role will really mean for the owner.

  • Problem-Solving Style

    Transitions mean change. And change brings problems. Get below the surface to understand the owner’s approach to problem-solving and how it might help or hinder transition efforts.

  • Communication Style

    Decrease resistance through an informed communication approach that identifies what an owner needs to hear and how they need to hear it.


A business owner in the specialty packaging industry was looking to sell his business. See how the Owner Transition Profile™ helped him rethink his desire to sell his business. As a result, he shifted his focus to embracing the value of management systems and hiring top talent helping him triple annual revenue over a three-year period.


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What Advisors Are Saying

"The OTP tool, debrief training and support I received from the CWI team allows me to better understand the owner’s needs right from the start. For my clients, the debrief is a powerful opportunity for generating insights and leaning into some of the emotions /feelings they are experiencing, but cannot easily articulate. … The CWI team has been incredible to work with and I feel well supported as we integrate the OTP into our practice and roll it out to other service lines within our company in the future."

Bryan Huck, FEA | BDO Canada LLP


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