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Clear Water Insights™ assessments use science and psychological models to help advisors better understand business owners. Looking for a faster and clearer way to help your client get results? Start here.

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Whether you’re a wealth advisor, investment banker, M&A professional, CPA, or consultant, our targeted assessments and training give you the actionable insights and common language to really understand your business owner clients and prospects. Our assessments provide instant, accurate, and unique insights that help you deliver satisfying client outcomes while giving your firm the edge to diversify your offerings and win new business.

The Tools Advisors Need to Understand Business Owners

Successful owners have unique psychological strengths that enable them to build a business. But, these strengths may work against them at points of significant transition making results harder to achieve and the advisory relationship more challenging. Understanding the unique psychology of owners and proactively building an approach tailored for their psychological needs offers both advisor and owner opportunity for better outcomes with less stress.

Our assessments give you the insights, common language, and shared understanding needed to see below the surface, be heard, and build trust in new ways. Each assessment is intended to be administered by an advisor, and includes the required training to ensure responsible interpretation of the results.


    A scientifically-validated assessment that evaluates the link between an owner’s role and identity, their approach to problem-solving, and their communication styles against the demands of transition.

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  • M3 Assessment
    Coming in 2023

    An all-in-one roadmap of 22 transition variables in 3 domains (business, money, and self) – including the owner’s personal transition capacity – taking the guesswork out of the process.

Uncover the Science of Communicating with Business Owners

The biggest risks to failed business transitions or an unfruitful client relationship are the unseen human aspects of the people involved - fears, doubts, familial relationships, emotional ties. Our transition tools and training give you the actionable insights and common language to talk through these issues with clarity, confidence, and control.

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"The OTP tool, debrief training and support I received from the CWI team allows me to better understand the owner’s needs right from the start. For my clients, the debrief is a powerful opportunity for generating insights and leaning into some of the emotions /feelings they are experiencing, but cannot easily articulate. … The CWI team has been incredible to work with and I feel well supported as we integrate the OTP into our practice and roll it out to other service lines within our company in the future."

Bryan Huck, FEA | BDO Canada LLP


A business owner in the specialty packaging industry was looking to sell his business. See how the Owner Transition Profile™ helped him rethink his desire to sell his business. As a result, he shifted his focus to embracing the value of management systems and hiring top talent helping him triple annual revenue over a three-year period.


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