Guiding Owners to Satisfying Outcomes

Business transitions are complex. Achieving the most favorable outcome means navigating the business, financial, and personal factors that influence an owner’s readiness. Our assessments give advisors the validated tools they need to be effective.


Backed by Years of Research & Experience

Clear Water Insights sits at the intersection of business and psychology. Unlike traditional assessments, which mostly focus on the financials or business attributes, our transition tools provide the personal insights advisors need to complete the picture. Armed with these insights, advisors can empower owners with greater clarity, confidence, and control for navigating the transition journey.

Evaluate Every Aspect of Business Transition

  • My Business

    Evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of an owner’s business and discover how to better communicate opportunities for change.

  • My Money

    Assess the owner’s psycho-economic preparedness for their transition and identify opportunities for closing the gaps.

  • My Self

    Identify psychological attributes that may derail the transition and discover how to help owners achieve satisfying outcomes.

Understand Owners from the Bottom Up

  • Role-Identity Fusion

    Understand just how personally tied to their role an owner is - and if they’re capable of letting go of that part of themselves.

  • Openness to Change

    Uncover how an owner views and responds to decision-making and move them through the process accordingly.

  • Style

    Know how an owner processes information, and how you can best help them reach a satisfying transition outcome.


Our transition assessments are backed by years of research and business consulting best practices. Equal parts business and psychology, our transition assessments are backed by Dr. Allie Taylor’s years of research and business consulting best practices. Take a deeper look into Dr. Taylor’s PhD research that built our effective approach to transition consulting. Read the research that built our effective approach to transition consulting.

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Explore our range of assessments and learn how to address the deeper aspects of transition. Guide clients to the transition outcome they truly want.