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Questions About The Transition Assessments

What do we mean by transition?

Transition is an intentional process of change that requires people to think and behave in new ways to successfully move from the current reality to the desired future reality. The three most challenging transitions are scaling through growth barriers, selling/buying a business, and engaging in family succession.

What are these transition assessments?

These assessments are the first of their kind. They’re designed to identify the above- and below-the-surface factors related to business transition so that owners, their management teams, and advisors gain the clarity, confidence, and decision-making control they need to achieve a successful business transition.

Who are these transition assessments for?

These assessments are designed for business advisors to administer to their business owner clients who are looking to achieve a successful transition - either now or at some point in the future. These assessments provide both advisors and their clients with deeper insights and shared language for creating an informed approach to the transition process as they seek more satisfying outcomes.

Are these transition assessments validated?

Yes, these assessments are backed by years of research and practical expertise in business psychology, family systems, and business management. They allow you to pass on that knowledge to your clients, helping you provide confident counsel through every stage of a business transition.  

Why do I need to take the training?

These assessments are the first of their kind and the training is essential to ensure you’re prepared to responsibly and accurately interpret the results and confidently guide your client through their business transition.  

How did you come up with the science behind these factors? 

These assessments were built from the Ph.D. research of our founder, Allie Taylor, and further refined through years of practical experience consulting business owner clients through their own business transitions. 

How much does each assessment cost?

- The Owner Transition Profile costs $290.00 USD per report

- The M3 Assessment - is coming in Fall 2022

- The Management Team Profile - is coming in Fall 2023

How do I purchase and download the assessments?

Assessments are purchased on a per-report basis. When you first click to purchase an assessment, you’re required to complete a 90-minute training to ensure proper test administration and results interpretation. Once training is complete you can administer the assessment and generate reporting for your clients and yourself.

Can the assessment be custom-branded or white labeled?

Yes, we can work with you to add your branding to these assessments! When your clients take them they’ll see your name and logo in the assessment and in the generated report.

How quickly can I expect reporting and results?

Results are generated automatically upon completion of the assessment by the client and sent to your inbox within minutes.

How is this different from other assessments?

Traditional readiness assessments usually focus on the financials and the business factors involved in a business transition. They rarely (if at all) look to assess the owner’s inner psychology and personal transition profile. These assessments are designed to fill in the gaps, so you can better tailor your approach and customize transition plans that work with the owner’s psychology rather than against it.  

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