The Best Way to Guide Owners to Successful Transitions

Discover how Clear Water Insights’ transition tools can help improve your process for helping clients transition their businesses. By filling out the form, you’ll gain access to the free trial which includes…

  • One use of the Owner Transition Profile, regularly priced at $290 per single owner report
  • An OTP de-brief with one of our team
  • Consultative support on how to best use the OTP in your business.

What does the Owner Transition Profile cost?

After the free trial, the Owner Transition Profile costs $290 per single owner report.

How do I gain access to administer the Owner Transition Profile?

When you access the OTP for the first time via the free trial, you will receive an invite to speak with one of our team who will set you up with a free assessment, advise you on how to communicate to your owner, provide you a subsequent de-brief with the owner report, and consult with you on how best to use the OTP in your business process.

I am a business owner. Can I try the Owner Transition Profile?

Yes. While the OTP is designed for advisors to administer and interpret the results, we will provide the assessment to business owners along with a complementary de-brief with one of our trained staff. To get that started please reach out to us using our contact form.

I’m an existing user. Can I buy more licenses?

Absolutely. Log in to your advisor portal to purchase additional Owner Transition Profile licenses. If you have any issues, feel free to contact our team. 

The Tools You Need. The Clarity Your Clients Want.

Part diagnostic, part roadmap - Clear Water Insights’ transition tools help advisors assess transition capacity on multiple levels. Get actionable insight into an owner’s unique psychology and associated business impact so you can provide confident counsel through every stage of a business transition.


    A scientifically-validated, individual capacity assessment that evaluates the link between an owner’s identity, approach to decision-making, and their role in the business.

  • M3 Assessment
    Coming in 2023

    An all-in-one roadmap of 22 transition variables in 3 domains (business, money, and self) – including the owner’s personal transition capacity – takes the guess work out of the process.