Clarify Owner Readiness from Every Angle

An all-in-one assessment for evaluating an owner’s three “M’s”: My Business. My Money. My Self. The M3 snapshot provides powerful insights across 22 critical transition variables allowing advisors to guide owners with greater clarity and less stress.


Improve Transition Outcomes for Any Owner

The M3 Assessment is a diagnostic assessment for business owners - even those who’ve hit stumbling points or had false starts when tackling transition. Rather than wait for a roadblock, the M3 snapshot allows advisors to get in front of issues that could derail plans. Armed with these insights, advisors get more satisfying outcomes for their clients and themselves.

What M3 Measures

An owner’s identity drives business and financial decision-making. M3 helps surface and untangle the complexity that keeps owners from achieving successful transitions. This makes the due diligence process easier for advisors and the “how do I get there?” steps clearer and more practical for owners.

  • My Business

    Evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of an owner’s business and discover how to better communicate opportunities for change.

  • My Money

    Assess the owner’s psycho-economic preparedness for their transition and identify opportunities for closing the gaps.

  • My Self

    Identify psychological attributes that may derail the transition and discover how to help owners achieve satisfying outcomes.

M3 Case Study

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Ready to Get

By clicking the link below, you’ll gain access to the 90-minute training you need to administer the assessment. Once training is complete, you’ll be able to successfully administer the assessment and turn the results into actionable advice for your client.


$975 per single owner report

  • M3 Assessment
  • 90-minute training for advisors (on-demand)
  • Free consultative support